Tommy Diaries – Part 5


Many of our colleagues, Ex-Servicemen and woman that keep the RBLI factory running, could have written this Tommy Diary. Their drive and dedication to keep succeeding has seen them move from emergency accommodation into family homes, tackling mental health struggles head on and even winning gold medals for Team GB in the Invictus Games.

A Former Gurkha rifleman, who is now one of our expert sign makers, was aged just 21 when he stepped on an IED, resulting in the amputation of his leg. Since joining us he has completed some incredible challenges, including a climb to Mount Everest Base Camp while battling altitude sickness and a 150 mile bike ride from Kent to Belgium’s iconic Menin Gate.

By joining the Tommy Club, not only are you helping to put a roof over someone’s head and a meal on their families table, but giving veterans the opportunity they deserve to achieve so much.